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Choosing a custom home builder is a big step.
Your next move launches the exciting adventure of creating something beautiful and
unique. You may have an inspirational design or one you have been dreaming about for
years. Either way, you have to start somewhere.
One of your first big tasks is to create a list of the custom builders in your area. If you
are looking for a custom home builder in South Florida, it won’t be hard to decide after
seeing our portfolio.
After narrowing down your list, we recommend considering these tips:
Be practical about the price
Even the most experienced team of builders can’t provide the exact price during your
first call. Lower your expectations and discuss the details of your custom build.
While pricing is a priority, consider the value of communication, too. Choose a custom
builder that will update you frequently about costs, including changes or price increases.
Trust your builder to make decisions in your best interests.
Be bold about your choices
A custom home builder may have a signature style, but it doesn’t mean your house will
look the same. Early in the research process, start the conversation. Confirm whether
the builder is flexible to the homeowner’s needs and wants.
Avoid working with a custom home builder presenting only one or two styles. The
benefit of a custom home is creative freedom. Look for positive communication styles
and explore the company’s portfolio.
Be calm about floor plans
You no longer have to be fixated on floor plans. While building a custom home, the
builder works with you. Plan together to determine the best way to design your home.
Consider your lifestyle or the needs of your growing family.
Remember to advocate for your creative freedom. A custom builder should not prevent
you from exploring different floor plan options. Instead, they should work with you to
create the home of your dreams.
Be clear on expectations
Who says there is a one-size-fits-all approach to working with a custom home builder?
Some homeowners involve the builder from start to finish. They may even consult them
after the move-in date. Other people want to make the decisions alone.
When choosing a custom home builder, be clear and upfront about your expectations.
Sharing these decisions early helps to honor the builder’s time and respect their

Be prepared to ask questions
Now is not the time to be shy. Create a list of questions for the builders who have made
your list. Do research online and receive advice from others who have custom homes.
Then, ask potential builders to put you in touch with previous clients.
No experience is perfect, but it is important to listen well. Pay attention to how a builder
addresses issues or communicates through problems. Happy homeowners are always
happy to share their experiences.
Excellence matters at Watlee Construction. Our competition is fierce here in South
Florida, and our legendary quality leaves a mark. Contact us today to learn more about
our custom luxury homes.

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