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Why New Construction Might be Best for You

Why New Construction Might be Best for You

When shopping around for a new home, it can be difficult to find something that works for you. The floorplan might not be what you want, maybe you wanted a second story, or perhaps the HOA has a reputation for being a pain in the backside. Whatever your reason, you just cannot find your dream home. There is a way around that however – you can build your own home. There are several advantages to building a new home that you might not be aware of, and here are just a few.

Full Customization

The most obvious benefit to building your own home is the ability to fully customize every facet of the house. From floor plan to height and more, you have almost total free reign over the house (within the limits of basic architecture and your budget of course). This means you can place every room where you want it to be, on the first or second floor, with windows where-ever you desire. The only limit is your imagination. Contrast with houses in developments or pre-built homes where you are more limited – either buy developer rules (in the former) or whatever is on the market (in the case of the latter).

Energy Efficiency

Most houses have to be renovated to improve energy efficiency which adds to the final sale price. When you build a new home however, everything can be designed from the ground up for minimum energy use. Although the up-front costs of new construction tend to be higher than market price, you will end up saving money in the long run with lower energy bills as long as your home is constructed appropriately. From solar panels to energy efficient windows and more, there are many ways to help reduce the energy footprint of the finished product, more than what you can do with a pre-existing house.

Healthier, More Modern Materials

Construction standards change greatly from decade to decade to keep up with the latest advances and studies. Older homes may suffer from using older, unreliable materials like Chinese drywall, lead based paint, asbestos, and more. This means that without inspection and probable renovation, a pre-built home may be unsafe to live in for very long. Construction contractors utilize only the best and most effective materials in new construction, ultimately creating a healthier place to live.

Resale Value

Although most people build a new home with the hopes of living in it for life, plans change, and sometimes you need to move out for one reason or another. The resale value of newer homes tend to be higher than that of an older home. In fact, if you keep your home up to date over your time living in it, you may even be able to sell it for more than the initial build price.

Peace and Quiet

Whether or not this is a ‘perk’ depends on individual taste. Some people enjoy the hustle and bustle of big city life, while still others prefer the classic image of a quiet suburban neighborhood. However, if you prefer to be somewhere away from others, where you are sure you will have your own space to do with as you please, that is another reason to build your own home. Empty lots tend to be positioned away from major city centers and developments, thus giving you a measure of isolation against the rest of the world.

Another advantage to this? No pesky HOA to tell you what you can or cannot do with your property, leaving you free to experiment with your land to your heart’s desire.

The decision to build a home rather than buy is a major one, but it’s also a decision that comes with enormous benefits. While it may not be for everybody, if you are looking for a new place outside of town made to your desires, then nothing beats new construction!


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